Our first new board of 2024 !

Meet our new RP2040 board: the Swiss Army knife of microcontrollers, now with the added superpowers of LTE, WiFi, and BLE. It’s like giving your IoT projects a triple espresso shot – more connected, more energetic, and ready to tackle the digital world with gusto!

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Introducing our new Open Source DCC decoder

Introducing our groundbreaking open-source DCC locomotive decoder, revolutionizing model railroading with its customizable features and community-driven development! Built with versatility...
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RP2040 Connectivity software support

We're pleased to announce that the Connectivity board is now fully supported in the RP2040 board support package at https://github.com/earlephilhower/arduino-pico....
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Announcing our new LTE/WIFI/BLE board

[Smedstorp, 2024-01-10] – Invector Labs AB, a leader in microcontroller innovation, is excited to announce the launch of its latest...
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Site problems

Due to a failed upgrade of the main webshop plugin, that we use, the entire site has been down for...
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Elevate Your Connectivity with the New BSerial WiFi/BLE Module!

The future of connectivity is no longer on the horizon; it's right here, with the unveiling of the BSerial -...
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BConnect: The Next Evolution in Interfacing is Here!

In a groundbreaking update, the renowned Bi2C interface has metamorphosed into something even grander: BConnect. This ambitious endeavor is no...
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