13.56MHz NFC antenna

This antenna (or coil if you’d rather call it that) was designed for use together with our Challenger RP2040 NFC boards. It is a 83mm by 35mm flex PCB antenna(coil) with double sided tape on the backside making it perfect for mounting inside of an enclosure. It has been designed specifically to be attached to a plastic wall of around 1.5mm’s to 2.0mm’s thickness.

The antenna attaches to the board through an impedance matched (30ohm) 19mm flex cable. The connector is a 1mm pitch 4 lead flat cable with the antenna feed on the middle pins and 2 ground pins surrounding the feed.

That back of the antenna is lined with a Tesa (Tesa8853) double sided adhesive which makes it super easy to attach the antenna to the inside of your product enclosure.

Center Frequency*13.56 MHz
Reading distance*~90mm (MiFare)
Target Impedance*30ohm
Self resonating frequency**102MHz
Inductance (Ls)**1.24uH
Resistance (Rs)**1.15R
* Measured with matching network, ** Measured on bare coil

NOTE: Electrical characteristics depend on distance from metal objects and the location of the antenna in your the device.

All measurements are done with the coil in free air.

Weight 0.001 kg
Dimensions 8.3 × 0.01 × 3.5 cm


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