General description

This is a 51mm long 90 degree angled RF antenna for use with our LTE modem boards.

This whip multiband antenna has a very good performance matched with a highly compact size. It does not rely on being mounted on a metallic surface making it extremely suited for compact IoT installations.

The kit also comes with a RF cable assembly containing an SMA (Female) and JK-IPEX/MHF/U.FL for connection to the PCB. The coax is a 1-13mm 50 Ohm cable and is 100 mm’s long.

Electrical characteristics

Characteristic impedance50 ohms
Radiation patternOmni directional
Temperature range-40C – +85C
Dimensions51mm x 10.4mm
ConnectorSMA Male (90 degree angled)
Connector platingGold/Nickel
Electrical characterstics


Weight 0.012 kg
Dimensions 10 × 11 × 1.04 cm

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