General description

RF pigtail with SMA

The antenna can tilt and swivel making it easy to install it in various applications.

RF cable assembly (pigtail) containing an SMA (Female) and JK-IPEX/MHF/U.FL for connection to the PCB. The coax is a 1.13mm 50 Ohm cable and is 100 mm’s long.

  1. RP-SMA Bulkhead for 1.13mm coax cable
  2. RF I-PEX MHF1 series connector for 1.13mm coax cable
  3. Heat shrink tube

Technical data

Temperature range-45C to +85C
Voltage30V (RMS)
Characteristic impedance50 Ohms (Nominal)
Frequency rangeDC to 7.5GHz
Recommended minimum bend radius5-6mm
Weight 0.004 kg
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 0.7 cm

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