2.4GHz flexible WiFi/BLE antenna

This antenna is perfect for use together with our WiFi and/or BLE boards. It is a 42mm by 12mm flex PCB antenna with double sided tape on the backside making it perfect for mounting inside of an enclosure. It has been designed specifically to be attached to a plastic wall of around 1.5mm’s to 2.0mm’s thickness. In open air it does not perform as well as when it has been mounted properly.


Return loss diagram of antenna mounted on a 2mm thick 15cm x 10cm poly carbonate sheet.

Return loss for 2.45GHz antenna mounted on 2mm poly sheet.

Smith Diagram

Center Frequency2450 MHz
Bandwidth>130 MHz
Antenna Gain5dBi
Weight 0.001 kg
Dimensions 4.2 × 0.01 × 1.2 cm


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